rare earth etf

With our high-tech society showing no signs of slowing down, and as companies like Apple keep putting out personal tech items which require REEs or Rare Earth Elements, and alloys to produce, and such things as lithium for the batteries, there is a world shortage. Anytime there is a shortage and high demand, we know from supply and demand theory that the price will go up.

rare earth etf

Consider if you will that the US military uses high-tech computer systems and hardware. So does the space program, and so do many things that you might not even think about. Where are all those rare earth elements going to be mined, and how can we keep up with the demand?

Not long ago, I was discussing this with someone who was a financial planner. They had determined that it is very difficult to find a way to capitalize on these rare earth elements as an investment for your portfolio. Indeed, well, yes, I was looking at how to play the exotic Rare Earth Element trends, I could not find a decent ETF, and I don't trust the Gold Market, it tops out and crashes too easy, it appears to be at the top now.

My acquaintance also mentioned that it is; "rather tricky, that international investing." Yes, that's for sure, and I met Mark Mobius at a Jet Center once, and I like what he had to say about international mining and manufacturing, investing in emerging markets, but I am sketchy watching nations like Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela with their nationalizing, that makes me look away from Peru, and all of Central America.

When considering this, I have to say, I like the emerging market Mutual Funds of Franklin Templeton and America Funds however, and I've read all of Jim Roger's books on China;

  1. "The Bull in China"
  2. "Investment Biker"
  3. "Adventure Capitalist"
He's got some smart ideas on where to look. Vietnam is communist, Thailand has unrest, Russia is corrupt, African nations are too chaotic, too much regime and government changes. It's a real tough game, and if you are not involved closely, and in the loop, it's hard to take those risks. But, if you are right, your returns can be awesome. Please consider all this.

rare earth etf

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